RELEASE DATE - February 15, 2019

1. Homeboy Sandman Intro - December Song
2. The Man / The Doctor
3. Get A Real Job Fat Boy! / MC Paul Barman Interlude
4. We’re All Darko (feat. Cody Cody Jones & ialive) / So Nice You Gotta Say It Twice, The Cody Cody Shout Out
5. Jesus Christ Wants To Be Based (feat. Moka Only) / Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire Interlude
6. Chemicals / Serengeti Leaves A Voicemail
7. Got to Get Out (feat. Dillon) / Torito Stops By The Show
8. The Anthem (Star Wars Mix) (feat. Static Brothers) / The Legendary Ripper Stops By For An Interview
9. When The Aliens Kill Our Parents / Spoken Nerd #1
10. Kill Nazis
11. Fuck You Biggie Smalls
12. Apple Juice In Philly / Brancaccio’s Ad
13. Funeral Fire (feat. ialive & Height Keech ) / Harvey Cliff Does It Again
14. New York City (feat. Harvey Cliff MC) / Chaz Kangas Promo
15. Stab You When You’re Dead (feat. Lil B The BasedGod) / MyGrane McNastee Brass Knuckle Daps
16. Go Back To Bed America / The Obligatory ialive Appearance Sponsored by Darko Industries
17. Your Mama / Day Tripper Says Hi
18. Opposable Thumbs / Spoken Nerd #2
19. All I Want For Christmas (feat. Harvey Cliff MC) / Spoken Nerd #3
20 . Rawest Rapper Alive (prod. by Big Baby Gandhi) (New Shit!)


Year Of The Darko showcases the best-of-the-best of Darko The Super’s ten 2018 releases, with help from a star-studded cast.

Photo by ialive.

Art by coolguybry.