RELEASE DATE - September 1, 2007

1. Intro
2. Mountain Man
3. Posted Up
4. Did We Do Our Thing (Yes)
5. Showbeast  
6. Escape Tune
7. Same Track
8. Cold Rhymes



Utility Fog was a series of short-run CDR's only sold on Height tours. Each volume is a mix of brand new songs and remixed tracks from the vaults. This second installment was created for a 2007 Height / Jones tour.

Production Credits: 
Mickey Free (tracks 4 and 8) 
King Rhythm (tracks 6 and 8) 
Ms. Paintbrush (track 2) 
Jones (track 5) 
Shields (track 3) 

Guest Appearances: 
Did We Do Our Thing? (Yes) - Mickey Free
Escape Tune - King Rhythm
Cold Rhymes - Mickey Free 

Recorded and mixed by Mickey Free, King Rhythm and Lord Grunge.