RELEASE DATE - August 14, 2012

1. I Can’t Stand To Be Refused
2. Mustard Seed
3. Dead Motor
4. I Can’t Stop Eating Sugar
5. Hard Work
6. Too Much Time
7. Triumph Over Sadness
8. Oswego speedway
9. Moscow



Cold Rhymes 001

The 6th Height album, and the first release on Cold Rhymes Records. 

All music and words by Height, except:

I Can’t Stop Eating Sugar, written by Ed Schrader and produced by PT Burnem.

All instruments played by Height, except:
Guitars on Mustard Seed by Andy Stack
Guitars on I Can’t Stop Eating Sugar by Drew Swinburne
Guitar on I Can’t Stand To Be Refused & Moscow by Mickey Free

Back-up vocals throughout the album by Gavin Riley, Jen Rice, Jenn Wasner, Mickey Free, King Rhythm & Emily Slaughter.

Drum sample source: King Rhythm & Mickey Free

Recorded and mixed by Franklin Yaker & Mickey Free

Artwork by Brendan Richmond

Photos by Valerie Paulsgrove