RELEASE DATE - May 28, 2010

1. Bed of Seeds
2. No Way To Win
3. Dreams Don't Always Come True
4. Deep In The Dark
5. Link Wray
6. Cold Crush
7. Cavalcade Lagoons
8. I'm Shook
9. Windpipe
10. Where No One Can See
11. Seeds Reprise
12. Druid Hill Lake



The fifth full-length Height record, released by Friends Records. 

All songs written by Height.

All instruments played by Height and Mickey Free, except:
Guitars on tracks 4, 5, 7 and 9 - Travis Allen
Bass on Link Wray - Travis Allen
Organ on Druid Hill Lake - Travis Allen
Saxophone on Windpipe - PT Burnem
Singing on Deep In The Dark - Pam Kurowski
Source sample on Cold Crush - Shields
Source sample on Druid Hill Lake - Al Lover

Additional vocals throughout the album by Emily Slaughter, Gavin Riley and Mickey Free. 

Recorded and mixed by Mickey Free. 

Cover Photo - Melody Often

Album Concept and Design - Emily Slaughter

Typography - Nolen Strals