2019 songs

Laid Back - White Horse
Daytripper & Dope KNife - Tripping
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Cover of The Rolling Stone
Dayton Family - Cocaine
Eric Idle - One Foot In The Grave
ialive - Parallels
Gene Carroll and The Shades - Is It Ever Gonna Happen
Menudo - Banana Crepes
Brian Eno - Fat Lady of Limbourg
Bloodmoney Perez - Side You On (w/ Sleep Sinatra + Curly Castro)
Public Enemy - WTF?!
Blastmaster Baker - Lawn Jobs
ialive - Garlic
Mama Cass - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Ceschi Ramos - Say No More
Curta - Noise Wash
Captain Beefheart - Hard Workin' Man
Tragedy Khadafi/Imam T.H.U.G. - True Confessions
Drew Scott - dipdip
Blockhead - Slippery Slope (w/ Billy Woods, Open Mike Eagle + Breezely Brewin)
ialive - Stalefish
Mysdiggi - Complaints Department
Ice-T - Squeeze The Trigger
Exuma - We Got To Go
Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper
Ski Jump and The Rock City
Rufio Jones - Like A Bandit
Camp Lo - Swing
R.L. Burnside - If You Don’t Want Me Baby
Dean Parrish - Bricks, Broken Bottles and Sticks
Link Wray - Rumble
Darko The Super - The Man
Kikagaku Moyo - Nana
The Krells - Psychedelic Feeling
Leaf Erikson w/ Smoke - Foreclosure
New Rumley Invincibles - Living with The Birds
The Spike Drivers - Blue Law Sunday
Height With Friends - The Woods
J88 - Stupid Lies
The Amps - I Am Decided
Jessica Hernandez - Baby
Kate Ferencz - The Bad Thing
Cody Cody Jones ft. ialive - Honey Dew
Mister w. Curt Cataract - Holding It Up
Serengeti - Can’t Wait
ialive - Green Gem
Magic Jake & The Power Crystals - Brains Of Rats
First Love - Don’t Say Goodnight
Kate Bush - Watching You Without Me
Beastie Boys - Skills To Pay The Bills
Mister - Truth Serum
Mister - Questions (w. D.S. Sense + Mysdiggi)
D.S. Sense - Calm Down
Biz Markie - She’s Not Just Another Woman (Monique)
GmacCash - Potholes
Chiu Yen and the Stylers - Mimi Cat
Sway and King Tech feat. RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Jayo Felony, Chino XL + KRS One - The Anthem
Ice Cube feat. Deadly Threat, J Dee, Kam, King Tee, WC + Maad Circle - Color Blind
Heavy D & The Boyz feat. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock + Q-Tip - Don’t Curse
Marley Marl feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane, Lil’ Daddy Shane + Kool G Rap - The Symphony, part II
Master P feat. Fiend, Silkk The Shocker, Mia X + Mystikal - Make ‘Em Say Uhh
Big Daddy Kane feat. Scoob, Sauce Money, Shyheim, Jay-Z + Ol' Dirty Bastard - Show & Prove
Epic Beard Men - Hedges
Mister - Ode to The Caterpillar
Intricate Dialect - In The Sky
One Way Streets - We All Love Peanut Butter
David Lynch - In Heaven (Lady in The Radiator Song)
Height With Friends - Magnetic Connection Radio