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Release Date - September 25, 2017

1. We Can't Go Back Now
2. Tadpole
3. Sweetie
4. Robbie Robbie Goo
5. Our Cult Is The Best
6. I Smell Fish
7. Can I Talk To You About My Son?
8. Yer Man Sandals Must Be Destroyed
9. Somebuddy Call In a Bomb Threat (My Baby Just Broke Up With Me)
10. Awkward Interactions At Yer Favorite Band's Show
11. Life Is Rly Easy
12. Come On Nike
13. Coffee Shop In The Hospital Lobby
14. Internet Song
15. Big Disappointment
16. Doin Beers
17. Corn
18. Feels Good Leavin'
19. Ew Baby
20. Why Live When You Can Die
21. Bettin' On An E-Cig
22. Dasani Nites


Cold Rhymes 011

Featuring Lindsey, Lil Cake and Teenwolf

Recorded and mixed by Jack Topht, Lil Cake, Ski Mask and Teenwolf

Mastered by Franklin Yaker

Art by Cool Guy Bry.

Special Thanks to Damian Weber